Thursday, October 8, 2009

NOBODY by Wonder Girls

Yep, the blog is still working and the blogger is still alive , hehe. This is the hard part if you're not a full time blogger, you want to write, but you don't have the time , you have the PC but you don't have the idea, you're in the mood but you're not at home, you're online but you're pre-occupied by other things and you're stressed-out , that's the only time that you'll gonna write. Gulo noh?

Anyway, it's really a very stressful month and for the coming weeks , the worst has yet to come. Please excuse my grammar coz I don't have time to review my post, (see? i'm very busy). But I have to post this one because it let me forget that I'm too busy , even for just a few moment.

The song which makes my niece and my officemate move their feet and automaticallly sing-along with the song while it plays. A video which deserves to be posted here. Brought to us by the Wonder Girls:

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