Saturday, January 24, 2009

Single Ladies

Music Videos by VideoCure

Single Ladies

Looking for a video that I could embed for this stuff is really hard due to some copyrights issues on most popular websites . Good thing that some sites doesn't have any restrictions , I could still post this video which I liked instantly when I first saw it on MTV.  I was really amazed by Beyonce's powerful voice here plus her two backup dancers really performs well like her. The video is a top notch and stands up among her songs that we've previously heard, if you want to feel fired-up on your not so-nice days then you should listen to this song and dance along with it's beat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year Food Trip

I was thinking that I should start the year right. Going on a diet is not on the list of my New Year's resolution.  This year , the hunt for the yummiest mami noodles is on. The journey starts in Wai Ying located at Binondo. Here's a glimpse of those mouth-watering  delicacy from the said chinese restaurant: